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Poor Man’s LastFM History Downloader

I just wanted to warming up to C# and try WPF as a front. Also, LastFM may soon say goodbye (just a feeling) and I have good memories there that I want to keep. So, I built for myself this … Continue reading

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I Finish My First Web App Project (Cards)

Yesterday I finished my first web application. It stores business contact cards, just a tiny, monolithic web app project. There are 3 types of entities (User, Corporation, Customer) and it capable to store that entities in a Mysql database. Also … Continue reading

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About My Abortive Design

Here is an idea for managing the user permissions at my web app. In this design users have different privileges to perform basic crud operations on different app domains (Customer Management Domain, Stock Management Domain etc.). In this way, some … Continue reading

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How I started to build my first web application: Customer Cards Database

It started out with some test of sql queries and practising Mysql Workbench to learn it and want to try on some basic relational algebra operators. I have created a database to store customer and order information of an imaginary … Continue reading

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Some Sql Notes

In these quarentine days I’am getting some progress in sql. I nearly completed the database design, but still there is some standardization issues that I’am working on it. It be use by any small scale technology companies for storing and … Continue reading

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Supervised Classification Methods For Disaster Damage Assessment

This is my bachelor (EEE) project and the aim of this machine learning study is to apply support vector machine classification to disaster damage assessment, specifically for the 2010 Haiti earthquake. We used an input dataset which computed with the … Continue reading

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